William Brewer Obituary, William Brewer Has Passed Away - Death Cause

William Brewer Obituary, William Brewer Has Passed Away – Death Cause

William Brewer Obituary, Death – William Brewer, a well-known singer, composer, guitarist, Texas historian, and eccentric philosopher, passed away on August 12, 2020 at 10:28 p.m. when he was surrounded by the people he loved. He had a long and interesting career. His wife Judy, to whom he had been married for 46 years, their four children, his 11 grandsons, and his 11 great-grandchildren are among those who survive him. In addition, he leaves a vast trail of Oreo cookie wrappers, receipts from Walmart, and a variety of old bottles and fossils behind him.

Bill had spent the early years of his childhood just two streets away from the famous Fort Worth Stockyards before his family moved to Lake Worth. This was before the family made the move. His interest in the history of Texas was sparked as a result of this. He liked his time spent serving as chairman of the Tarrant County Historical Commission for many years, during which he presided over the organization. Bill said that, with the exception of through the lens of biblical prophecy and the advice of Rush Limbaugh, he had never really grasped the day in which he lived. He would quote from the book “Lonesome Dove,” saying things like, “Here’s to the sunny slopes of long ago,” and “may we all out-live our third wives.

He had little need for “modern technology” such as smart phones or even things like cruise control, which he mistook for “auto pilot.” He also did not understand the difference between the two terms. The phrase “I don’t trust ’em” was something he would say rather often. The Chinese are to blame for the production of that piece of junk, and if they so desired, they would have no trouble seizing control of the situation and throwing me down a cliff or some other high point somewhere. He was heartbroken when his children had him learn how to use an iPhone since he was attached to his clunky, “old-man” cell phone.

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