William Bailey Motorcycle Accident

William Bailey Motorcycle Accident Pennsylvania, 1 Killed – Death Cause

William Bailey Motorcycle Accident – A motorcycle from Pennsylvania was killed in an accident that occurred in Sullivan County, New York, and a second rider was charged with driving under the influence in connection with the event. May 22, 2023, 10:36pmTwelve hours ago was when the most recent update was applied. by the various staff members of News 12 who contributed. An accident involving a motorcycle that took place on Sunday evening in Sullivan County resulted in the death of a man.

Because Bailey was ejected from his bicycle, he was involved in a collision with a utility pole as a direct result of the incident. It was reported by the police officers who rushed to the site that he was pronounced dead at the location of the event. Messina was discharged from the facility at some point in the course of her time spent seeking medical treatment there. He was taken there in order to have an examination and medical attention. After that, he was taken into custody on the suspicion that he was driving a car while under the influence of alcohol. He is scheduled to appear in court at the end of this month.

Sullivan County was the location of the occurrence. According to the state police, Joseph Messina, age 40, and William Bailey, age 42, both from Pennsylvania, were reportedly riding their motorbikes in the Town of Bethel when their bikes collided. Both men are said to have been wearing helmets at the time of the incident. Both of the males hailed from the state of Pennsylvania. Both of the men were taking precautions to protect their heads by wearing helmets and other safety equipment.


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