Trump rejects Jurors are shown a video of E. Jean Carroll’s alleged rape.

Trump rejects Jurors are shown a video of E. Jean Carroll’s alleged rape – In a deposition, Donald Trump called E. Jean Carroll’s rape allegation “the most ridiculous, disgusting story.” The deposition was shown to jurors Wednesday during a civil trial on Ms. Carroll’s claims that Mr. Trump assaulted her in a Bergdorf Goodman dressing room in Manhattan in 1996. A former People magazine writer testified that Mr. Trump assaulted her in 2005. The jury watched the tape.

Ms. Carroll revealed her claimed attack in a 2019 New York Magazine piece and a book. In the 2022 deposition, Mr. Trump, who has disputed the claims, claimed he rarely visited the famous department store. He stated Ms. Carroll’s rape would have been reported within minutes. More of the deposition was due in court Thursday. Natasha Stoynoff, a former People reporter, testified Wednesday that Mr. Trump sexually attacked her at Mar-a-Lago in December 2005. Trump has disputed Ms. Stoynoff’s claims.

She said that Mr. Trump showed Ms. Stoynoff a room in the residence alone during a photo shoot break. She remembered him pinning her against the wall when she entered. Kissing me. She added, “He was against me, just holding my shoulder back.” She was too shocked to speak but tried to get him off. She said the alleged attack ended minutes later when a butler entered the room to tell them Mrs. Trump had finished changing garments from the photo session. Canadian novelist and journalist Ms. Stoynoff said she kept interviewing the Trumps after the event. She notified her People supervisor in New York what happened.

Ms. Stoynoff claimed she never told any magazine executives because she felt ashamed and worried the anniversary story would not be published. “I was worried they would kill the story and Trump would get revenge on me,” she claimed. Ms. Stoynoff wrote an essay in People a month before the 2016 election detailing the alleged attack. After a video of Mr. Trump groping women and his claim during a presidential debate that he never forcibly kissed women, she said she was inspired to come forward.

Joe Tacopina, Mr. Trump’s lawyer, asked Ms. Stoynoff one question during cross examination: if she had sued the former president. She refused. Ms. Carroll’s lawyers called Ms. Stoynoff as the second Trump accuser throughout the trial to prove that Mr. Trump abused women. A retired businesswoman testified Tuesday that Trump assaulted her on an airplane. Former president denies claims. Mr. Tacopina told the jury Wednesday that he wouldn’t offer a defense argument after Ms. Carroll’s lawyers finished. Her team will rest its case Thursday and argue final arguments early next week.



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