Tony Brown Obituary, Tony Brown Has Passed Away - Death Cause

Tony Brown Obituary, Tony Brown Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Tony Brown Obituary, Death – Tony Brown, who had graduated from GC in 1971 and been awarded with an alumni award, died away yesterday, and we would want to pay our respects to him here. We would like to express our condolences to Tony’s family and friends. We pay tribute to the numerous ways in which his life as a teacher, a musician with a worldwide renown as a baritone, and a messenger of peace and reconciliation in the world had a significant impact on the lives of people in a range of different parts of the world.

In particular, we highlight the many ways in which he was able to bring people together through his music.
When he was presented with the Culture for Service alumni award in 2013, he made the following remarks, which are reproduced in their entirety here: “During my time at Goshen College, I gained a better understanding of how vital it is to devote one’s life to Christ and to serving others.”

I have come to the conclusion that the primary reason I have been able to accomplish everything that I have is due to the influence that music has had on me, and because of this, I have made the decision to use music as a means of achieving this objective. I am inspired to keep working towards my goal of playing a part in making tomorrow a better day for all of mankind because of what I know about the human race and the ways in which we are so similar to one another.

I believe that our similarities are what make us human. I recognise how many things we share in common with one another, and the awareness of these connections encourages me to keep moving forward.
In this heartfelt memorial that his family has shared with the globe, his family has once again made his great voice available to the public:

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