Tom Novak Obituary, Tom Novak Has Sadly Passed Away - Death Cause

Tom Novak Obituary, Tom Novak Has Sadly Passed Away – Death Cause

Tom Novak Obituary, Death – In addition to being an essential figure in the progression of The Public Divide throughout its existence, guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter Tom Novak was also one of the band’s original members and helped create the group. In addition to that, he was a significant force behind the band’s body of creative work. The terrible news of his passing has caused each and every one of us to endure what can only be described as a profound sense of loss.

It is my most sincere hope that the legacy you leave behind will be preserved through the power of your music so that it can live on forever. During this trying time, we would like his family to know that they are in our thoughts and that we are sending our condolences to them from all of us here at the company. The adage advises that you should keep your loved ones close to you “tight, ’cause tomorrow may never come” (a line from the song “Reach for the Sky” by Social Distortion), because you never know when tomorrow will come.

Brother, I really hope that you will be able to get a good night’s sleep tonight. You can rest assured that you will never be forgotten about at any point in time. If you have any records of Tom, whether they are audio or film, please get in touch with Nolan Mihail, who is also known as the band artist. You can reach him at this email address. As a gift for Nolan’s loved ones, he is putting the finishing touches on a compilation album that will feature Tom’s live performances as well as songs that he has recorded.

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