Todd Tinker Obituary

Todd Tinker Obituary Great Barrington MA, A Famous Wrestler Has Died – Death Cause

Todd Tinker Obituary, Death – Tinker Todd was one of the few who could weave a good story. When he was telling a writer about his days as a wrestler or writing his “The Gospel According to St. Tink” pieces for the Whatever Happened To newsletter, he was entertaining. His writings were never sacrilegious, but they were always entertaining. The world has lost a little bit of its vibrancy since he passed away on Sunday.

In the book The Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame: Heroes & Icons, Todd tells the account of Two Rivers’ debut in England. The story was included in the book. Dale Martin Promotions had a small apartment for visiting wrestlers to crash in, and Two Rivers and Todd bunked down for the night when a drunk announcer strolled in and, mistaking the newcomer’s head for a cat, bounced a shoe off his noggin. Two Rivers and Todd were awakened by the sound of the shoe hitting their head.

“He thinks it’s the damn cat, but it was Billy’s Mohawk haircut,” howled Todd. “He thinks it’s the damn cat!” “Billy ran out of there yelling and screaming and jumping all over the place,” the witness said. I have absolutely no recollection of any of that because it had been so many years! He was scared beyond belief. The individual declares, “The Indians have begun their assault on us!” Whether he was known by his given name, Ramon Napolitano, as Danny Knapp in the Mooresville, North Carolina, area, or by any of his wrestling names — Tinker Todd, Mr.??, Oliver Winrush or Ray St. Clair  the guy had the ability to captivate an audience.

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