Timothy Tanner Obituary, Timothy Tanner Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Timothy Tanner Obituary, Death – Timothy was a longtime resident of this neighbourhood for the majority of his life. He was born on April 18, 1968 in Detroit, Michigan, to parents named David L. and Margie Mae Hampton Tanner. Surviving members of the Tanner family include his wife, Susanna Werner Tanner, whom he wed in 1991; his daughters Madison (Cody Murphy) Tanner and Kennedy Tanner; brothers James W. (Kimberly) Tanner and Stephen P. Tanner; a niece named Marin Tanner and a nephew named Jonathan Tanner; as well as a large number of acquaintances, coworkers at UPS, and extended family members.

His mother passed away before him, as did a number of his aunts, uncles, and other relatives who were quite close to him.
It’s in our inclination to be curious about what might have possibly occurred to someone so young. Tim’s death was unexpected and was due to circumstances related to nature. Tim was a skilled mechanic who paid close attention to the smallest of details. Learning as he went along, he quickly picked up skills and expertise, and he was able to completely disassemble a car dashboard in order to make a repair, and then reassemble it in pristine shape when it had been fully restored.

What a strange coincidence that the previous post was a picture of the family taken on Mother’s Day. Now, a few days later, with a sad, startled, and shattered heart, the news that I have is that our family looks extremely different and feels very different as well. When I woke up on Wednesday morning, I found Tim lying on the ground, having passed suddenly. We have no idea what happened and are eagerly awaiting the results of the autopsy, but our best assumption is that it was his heart that stopped beating.


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