Susan Keenan Obituary Charleston SC, Susan Keenan Has Died – Death Cause

Susan Keenan Obituary, Death – One of our closest friends, Susan Keenan (formerly Grayson), has recently passed away and is now resting in the arms of the Lord. Susan Keenan, whose maiden name was Grayson but afterwards became Keenan, was a member of the Grayson family in the past. She did so in a variety of very unique ways, but it is indisputable that she improved the quality of life for a very large number of people all over the world in a variety of different countries.

She was a fighter right up until the very end. She never wavered in her defiance, not even in the final moments of her life. If our mother were to pass away, my sisters and I would like to take this chance to express our most heartfelt thanks to anybody who offered our mother the same amount of love throughout her life as we did as her children. If this were to happen, we would utilize this occasion to express our gratitude in the event that our mother had passed away. She spent the time that she was with us surrounded by individuals who loved her as much as we did and shared our feelings for her. Susan deGraffenried Keenan.

This is not something that can be questioned or discussed in any manner, shape, or form at all. Because this lovely sister is here right now, Heaven is just bursting at the seams with happiness right now. This is a direct outcome of the presence of this beautiful sister right now. She fought valiantly right up until the very end, and her children were there to comfort her as she died away after a valiant and protracted struggle with the illness.


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