Shooting Theodore Roosevelt DC

Shooting Theodore Roosevelt DC, High School Teen Shot And Killed

Shooting Theodore Roosevelt DC – A young man was reportedly shot and killed on Wednesday in the vicinity of Theodore Roosevelt High School in Northwest Washington, District of Columbia, according to a member of the District of Columbia Council who talked with News4. The incident took place in the District of Columbia. According to the statements provided by the police, the incident took place in the parking lot that is located just behind the school that is situated on 13th Street NW.

The young man who was taken from us had just turned 17 years old at the time he was murdered. He had just been taken from us. It was said that the medical personnel moved quickly in order to evacuate the little youngster who was in a critical condition to a hospital that was situated in the immediate region. Officials from the relevant law enforcement agencies shared this information with us. The so-called witnesses claim that they were at the scene of the crime when they saw medical personnel doing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on the youngster.

A person by the name of Janeese Lewis George, who had been a member of the District of Columbia Council, confirmed the boy’s passing to News4 after some time had elapsed. She informed them that the child had been taken from this world after she broke the news to them. Based on the information that she provided, it would appear that he completed all of his secondary studies at that place.

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