Shaneikwa Lafavor Obituary, Shaneikwa Lafavor Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Shaneikwa Lafavor Obituary, Death – The Richmond County Sheriff’s Office is conducting an investigation into a gunshot that resulted in the deaths of three people. East Taylor Street was the location where the event took place, as reported by the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office. According to the deputies that responded to the incident, they found three victims when they arrived: two adults and one youngster.

The authorities have stated that they do not know the current condition of the child at this time. Lawrence sent this information to us: “I just heard shooting. (And what did you do?) I hosted him at my home while he was there. My kid, who has developmental disabilities, experienced anxiety as a result of the pow pow pow pow pow that was being fired. That’s what she was told,” she said.

It was not possible for the coroner’s office to determine whether or not she lived in the house where she was discovered shot. It has been reported by neighbors to NewsChannel 6 that Lafavor was carrying a child, but the coroner has stated that he is unable to confirm this information without conducting an autopsy. Both the adult male in critical condition and the child of 11 years old were sent to the hospital for treatment. The adult male in critical condition was carried to the hospital.

“I have never encountered anything quite like this before. “This is very unfortunate,” a neighbor named Jannie Lawrence remarked. A female victim of the incident who was 29 years old has been pronounced dead. Shaneikwa Lafavor, a local citizen who lived along the 200 block of East Taylor Street, has been recognized as the person responsible for the death by the Richmond County Coroner’s Office.

The Richmond County Sheriff’s Office is not providing any information regarding whether or not any suspects have been arrested in connection with this investigation. On Monday, an individual was observed being taken into custody, which was captured on video. It is not quite obvious whether or not that individual is connected to the crime.

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