Scott Graham Obituary

Scott Graham Obituary Montgomery Alabama, Scott Graham Has Died – Death Cause

Scott Graham Obituary, Death – It has been determined that Scott Graham has passed away. After being put in contact with one another by Rex Ponder, Scott and I hit it off immediately and were fast friends. Beginning on the day we first met, he oversaw all of our irrigation installations, repairs, and service calls for the subsequent three years, all while simultaneously training us. After a particularly long and sweltering day, many of these “teaching sessions” would take place at Touchdowns with a few drinks to cool off with at the end of the day.

The untimely departure of Scott is going to leave a void in the lives of many of our coworkers who had come to know Scott over the course of his career and counted him as a friend as well. This void cannot be filled. The loss of Scott will create a vacuum that will never be able to be filled. We continued to keep Scott busy with service calls and repair work that we either couldn’t get to or, truth be told, didn’t have the knowledge and/or competence that he did in order to do the repairs in a timely manner.

As Cutting Edge continued to expand, we would eventually be in a position to establish an in-house irrigation crew that would be responsible for performing all of our own installations. In the 21 years that I’ve spent working in the business sector, this has turned out to be one of the working partnerships that has lasted the longest with a single individual. On top of being a beautiful friendship, it’s also been one of the longest working relationships I’ve ever had.

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