School Shooting Australia, A Teenage Boy Arrested After Allegedly Firing A Gun

School Shooting Australia, A Teenage Boy Arrested After Allegedly Firing A Gun

School Shooting Australia – It is suspected that the adolescent kid who was arrested for reportedly firing a gun in the parking of a school in Perth was a previous student at the institution. Atlantis Beach Baptist College in Two Rocks, which is located in the outer northern outskirts of the city, was the location where the police were summoned just before midday.

The juvenile suspect, who is only 15 years old, is suspected of firing three shots, one of which struck a school building that was occupied at the time. Col Blanch, the Commissioner of Police, stated that officers were flooded with calls to triple zero, some of which came from children as young as 12 years old. He stated that two weapons were taken from a vehicle that the suspect is believed to have arrived to the school in, in addition to the three rounds that were found at the site.

Both of the firearms, a.234 rifle and a.22 rifle, were licensed to the residence in where the youngster was found to be living. Blanch stated, “But I want to stress, it’s been three hours since the incident, and we’ve got a long investigation ahead of us,” He called the gunshot “a one-off” in his explanation. Blanch stated that “it’s one of the rarest incidents in Australia,” adding that he didn’t believe anything like had ever been recorded in Western Australia.

Blanch also stated that he didn’t believe anything like it had ever occurred in Western Australia. An earlier lockout was implemented at the college, as well as at a nearby daycare facility and a medical center. After hearing heavy noises coming from outside, some of the students reported hiding under their desks for safety.
“We were playing on our laptops doing some work and I heard, like, a big bang,” one student related to 9News.

“Then my teacher said, ‘Get under your desks’. “She closed the windows and the door, and the three of us hid under the bed for a considerable amount of time after that. “Then we heard police sirens, then we heard shouting, and then we heard footsteps going on the deck,” she said, “and that’s when it really got me scared.” One dad mentioned that he had heard there was “something happening at the school” that his daughter attends, so he decided to go check it out for himself.

At the school, parents formed a line in order to receive their children. As part of the inquiry, the juvenile, who is 15 years old, has been taken into custody, and his parents will be questioned.

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