Sandra Darrall Obituary, Sandra Darrall Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Sandra Darrall Obituary, Death – On May 15, at the age of 77, Sandra Lee Darrall died away in a calm and serene manner at her home. Her parents and her only son, Martin Tomlin, passed away before she did. She was the only child in her family. Sandy practiced her newfound Judaism as an engaged member of the Jewish community in Miami after converting to the religion.  She was the first of her parents, Marguerite Lillian Sanford Darrall and James W. Darrall’s two children to be born, and she was born on December 15, 1945 in London, United Kingdom.

She participated in demonstrations alongside Martin Luther King Jr., fought for all forms of social justice, and championed the rights of all animals, both wild and domestic. She worked her entire life to serve this country, rising through the ranks to become a senior US Customs Inspector and Union Officer until finally retiring in 2002. After she retired, she devoted her time to helping others by volunteering at a variety of organizations, participating in reading clubs, volunteering at as many film festivals as she was able to, and working diligently on her recovery.

She had a spirit of exploration from a young age and grew up in the Pennsylvania communities of Springdale and Lower Burrell. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in City and Regional Planning from the University of the District of Columbia after attending Ken High School and graduating in 1963. Sandy was a voracious reader, had a penchant for shopping at thrift stores, and was an outspoken advocate for the rights of LGBTQ community members and women.

She just recently celebrated 41 years of sobriety and tried to enjoy each day to the fullest. Sandy was an avid traveler who had a deep appreciation for a wide variety of cultures, cuisines, musical styles, and forms of entertainment. She spent the most of her time seeing the world in order to take advantage of everything it had to offer.

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