Rolf Harris Obituary, Rolf Harris Has Died - Death Cause

Rolf Harris Obituary, Rolf Harris Has Died – Death Cause

Rolf Harris Obituary, Death – MailOnline can confirm today that Rolf Harris passed away yesterday at the age of 93, and that the Australian sex offender has already been ‘put to rest’ during a private funeral service. Since he was released from prison six years ago, the former television personality had been’very sick’ with neck cancer. He and his wife had been living as near-recluses in their £5 million riverside property in Bray during this time.

On May 11, a photograph was taken of a private ambulance parked in front of his riverside property. According to two people close to the family who spoke with MailOnline, he passed away anywhere from a week to two weeks ago; nevertheless, the death was not registered with Windsor and Maidenhead Council until today.

His family issued the following statement this afternoon, which was made by his attorney on their behalf: “Rolf Harris recently passed away in a peaceful manner surrounded by family and friends, and he has now been laid to rest.” They politely request that you do not invade their privacy. There will be no additional commentary provided.

Since being released from prison in 2017 for a series of sexual offenses, pedophile Harris had been having trouble talking and had been living as a near-recluse at his home in Berkshire. He had also been unable to leave his house. Prior to his passing, he was sustained by a feeding tube. He is survived by his daughter Bindi, who is 59 years old, as well as his wife Alwen, who is 91 years old and works as a jeweller and sculptor.

Because of Alzheimer’s illness, she is confined to a wheelchair; yet, the couple, who were married in 1958 and have one child, continued to live together with the assistance of caretakers who worked around the clock. William Merritt is a private investigator, author, and former police officer. He is the author of the book Rolf Harris: The Truth behind the Trials.

He stated in an interview with MailOnline that the last time he spoke with him, Rolf Harris was in a critical condition. He explained that Rolf had been in a critical condition. After I had seen him, he was able to communicate with me. He appeared to be in good spirits, but it was clear that he was ill. Before he was found guilty in June 2014 of committing a series of indecent assaults, the Australian-born TV broadcaster was a fan favorite with families for several decades.

These included a report on a child who was seeking autographs at the age of eight, two reports on girls in their early teens, and a report detailing 16 years of abuse committed against a friend of his daughter. After being found guilty of 12 separate assaults that took place between 1968 and 1986, he was sentenced to a total of five years and nine months in prison.

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