Roger Kirkby Obituary, Roger Kirkby Has Died - Death Cause

Roger Kirkby Obituary, Roger Kirkby Has Died – Death Cause

Roger Kirkby Obituary, Death – After battling cancer for the past seven years and passing away at the age of 77 on May 14th, my dearly loved father Roger Kirkby passed away at a hospital in London. At the time of his dying, he did not experience any discomfort and was attended by his four children as well as his granddaughter. Roger Kirkby was a brilliant agricultural scientist and served as the Director for CIAT Africa. The advancement of sustainable agriculture, food and nutrition security for millions of small holders in Africa has been significantly aided by his contributions to bean research, which have been of tremendous value.
Roger had a deep affection for Africa and spent the majority of his more than half-century-long life there (with brief sojourns in Mexico and Ecuador when I was a child).

He enjoyed spending time with his close friends and family, playing tennis, tending to his off-grid eco-homestead farm (which was located on the shore of Lake Victoria), and going on safaris. His children were envious of his active social life because it allowed him to touch the lives of so many people. He was a fantastic father (to Chris, Katie, Andrew, and I), grandfather (to Naia and Ayla), brother, friend, and colleague. Chris, Katie, Andrew, and I are all his children. We like to imagine that Roger is currently engaged in his next noteworthy, off-the-grid adventure.

We shall mourn him horribly, but I am very proud of how he lived his life and all that he accomplished in his time here on Earth. He lived a life that was absolutely remarkable. I have not been working for the past month, but I will be starting back up again the following week in order to get ready for the trip to Zagreb, Croatia. I can’t wait to get back to doing what I enjoy, which is skating outside while the weather is shining and assisting others in improving their skating skills.

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