Roger Foote Obituary, 63-year-old woman was shot - Death Cause

Roger Foote Obituary, 63-year-old woman was shot – Death Cause

Roger Foote Obituary, Death – The body of a 63-year-old lady was found on the floor of their kitchen in Manassas, Virginia, on Sunday afternoon. The whereabouts of the body remained unknown. The man from Manassas, Virginia, is the one who has been arrested and charged with the woman’s murder. The victim was a native of the city of Manassas and a resident of the city.

According to the results of the investigation into her death, she had been shot numerous times before she passed away. Just before 4:30 in the afternoon, a dead body was found inside a residence on the 7900 block of Minor Hill Road in Manassas, Virginia. The location of the property is in the 7900 block of Minor Hill Road. This section of town is commonly referred to as the “Suicide Triangle.”

The officers of the Prince William County Police Department, who had been sent to the location after receiving the call, have been tasked with conducting an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death. The call initially prompted the officers to respond to the area. The person who placed the call to 9-1-1 claimed that their landlady, a middle-aged woman, was discovered unconscious on the floor of the kitchen.

This information was provided to the officers by the individual who called the police and spoke with them when they spoke with them. When police officers arrived at the apartment, they discovered that a woman had been shot while they were still inside the building. The shooting occurred while the police officers were still inside the apartment.

They came to the conclusion that the incident happened when they were present at the scene. Officials from the medical field who had rushed to the scene of the accident certified the man’s death right then and there once they had arrived.

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