Rodney Davis Obituary, Fatal Shooting Gas Station – Death Cause

Rodney Davis Obituary, Death – It has been determined that Rodney Davis, 59 years old, was the person who was killed in the shooting that took place on Saturday afternoon. Davis was found to be deceased near the location where the incident took place not long after it took place. Davis was the one who had an injury as a result of what happened. Brandon Ashley, the Chief of Police for the Moss Point Police Department, reported that the incident occurred.

Around three o’clock in the afternoon at a gas station that is located at the intersection of Main Street and Martin Luther King Boulevard. As mentioned by Ashley, the crossroads in question is referred to as “Martin Luther King Boulevard and Main Street.” At the intersection of Martin Luther King Boulevard and Main Street is where you’ll find the convenience shop. Diana Proby, who is 58 years old, was brought into custody on suspicion that she was involved in the shooting.

And it is highly likely that she will be charged with manslaughter in connection with the incident. In addition to their responsibilities as corporate partners in the same organization, it is speculated that Proby and Davis had a romantic involvement with one another. Both Davis and Proby were employees of the same company at the same time. We are exerting a significant amount of effort to collect additional data pertaining to the incidence, and in the event that we come across any fresh information, we will make the necessary alterations to our report in order to take it into account and account for it.

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