Robert Marx Obituary, Robert Marx Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Robert Marx Obituary, Death – Yesterday, we were devastated to learn that our dear friend and a source of motivation, Robert “Bob” Marx, had passed away. He will be greatly missed. Bob Marx was the son of Marx Brother Gummo Marx, who in the late 1950s persuaded Bob to travel to the desert and build a house for Gummo. Bob Marx was also known as Bob Marx. To our good fortune, Bob Marx also brought over his buddy Val Powelson, who is an architect and designer.

He was a man of great kindness and gentleness, and he downplayed the many accomplishments he had. The Michael Weems tray and cap displaying the Maranz mansion that was recently produced by Preservation Mirage made him quite happy when he received them as a gift from his family. The explanation provided by his daughter Laura was that Bob was ‘particularly proud of that moment in his life.’ We are confident that many of you have appreciated, visited, or even lived in homes that were built by Bob Marx here in Rancho Mirage, and we hope that you will join us in extending our sincere sympathies to his family. Rest in peace, Bob; your incredible body of work will live on in our memories even as we do our best to ensure its continued existence.

The two collaborated to design some of the most fascinating and attention-grabbing examples of modernist architecture in the Coachella Valley. Some examples of their work include the ‘Sputnik’ house for Gummo Marx, the distinctive ‘gull-wing’ Maranz house, and the DaVaal Estates. When this event took place, Marx was married to Carol, who was Leo Maranz’s daughter.

Marx went on to design and construct a number of mansions around Tamarisk Country Club for private clientele. He also created a small community of homes called ‘Green Acres’ nearby Tamarisk. He remained in the desert for a good number of years, initially constructing a house for himself near Tamarisk and later relocating to the Palm Springs area and settling there.

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