Rick Cataldo Thornlands Australia Car Accident, Rick Cataldo Has Died – Death Cause

Rick Cataldo Obituary, Death – A FATHER who was found guilty of murdering his infant daughter by striking her repeatedly with a hammer could be released from prison in fewer than four years.On Monday, the Brisbane Supreme Court handed down a sentence of eight years in prison to Rick Cataldo from Brisbane for the manslaughter of his wife, Lily Rain Cataldo, which occurred in April of 2012.

Lily was reportedly having problems breathing, but Cataldo advised that Leask not take her to the hospital since doing so would be “selfish” given that another member of the family was celebrating their birthday. In the days that followed, according to Justice Mullins, Cataldo’s daughter slept more and more, got agitated when she was touched, and had a rattling in her breast. After seven to ten days had passed, Leask discovered that Lily had become unresponsive while she was sharing the bed with her father.

However, the judge, Debra Mullins, ruled that he would be eligible to petition for immediate parole because he had already completed approximately three years and ten months of his sentence. According to the testimony presented in court, Lily was less than two months old when she sustained several skull fractures, four rib fractures, and a spiral fracture to her right arm approximately seven to ten days before she passed away. Michelle Catherine Leask, Cataldo’s partner, told police that on April 29, she heard her daughter screaming and walked in to discover Cataldo “whacking” the child repeatedly on the back. She described the act as “whacking” the youngster.

She was rushed to the hospital, but despite everyone’s best efforts, she could not be saved. According to Justice Mullins, Cataldo cheated his daughter out of “the chance to live a happy and long life.”

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