Rhys Horrocks Obituary

Rhys Horrocks Obituary, Wigan Warriors Rugby Union Team Player Has Died – Death Cause

Rhys Horrocks Obituary, Death  – The musician Rhys Horrocks has passed away. His athleticism and rugby ability were immediately noticeable from the very first training session that he participated in with us. To say the least, he was a natural given his size, strength, speed, and abundance of rugby IQ. On an endless number of occasions, he would seize control of the game by the scruff of the neck, and with the faith of all of his teammates and all of us coaches, he would get us a result out of absolutely nowhere.

The younger guys on our squad revered him as a leader and put a lot of their trust in him because he was such an experienced player. It was a real treat to be Rhys’s coach and to get to know and work with him. The fact that I was able to be a part of his journey when he was at Ince Rose Bridge makes me feel tremendously fortunate. I will never stop thinking about him, and I have no doubt that the other guys and everyone else who knew Rhys will feel the same way.

We would like to express our gratitude to John and Joanne, his parents, for allowing us the privilege of reminiscing with their son, who was an exceptional young man who was also kind and modest. Rhys, you will always be a significant member of that fantastic team, we will hold you near to our hearts, and we will NEVER forget you. Get some rest. He was a victor, and there was no doubt about his devotion to the group, the club, and his close companions.

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