Renee Page Obituary

Renee Page Obituary, Husband Of A Murder Victim Has Been Arrested – Death Cause

Renee Page Obituary, Death Cause – Renee Page has died. Michael Pagel, the ex-husband of murder victim Renee Pagel, who was stabbed to death at her house in Courtland Township, Michigan in 2006, was caught 14 years after the crime first took place. Renee Pagel was found dead in her home in 2006. Michael Pagel was charged with her murder. Michael Pagel was sentenced to 25 to 50 years in jail in October 2020, more than fourteen years after he fatally stabbed his ex-wife Renee Pagel, which occurred fourteen years and two months prior.

The incident occurred fourteen years and two months earlier. In the beginning of that year, Michael entered a guilty plea to the charge of murder in the second degree. When the body of a local mother in Michigan is discovered with many stab wounds, the town is in disbelief. After the investigation has been inactive for more than He killed the woman a few weeks after their divorce was finalized as retaliation for the judge ruling in favor of Renee against his wishes. He was able to avoid arrest for over fourteen years due to a lack of evidence in the case.

In August of 2006, when Renee was recuperating from surgery in her home in the community of Courtland Township in the state of Michigan, she was discovered with more than 50 knife wounds. At the time, she was confined to bed after it was claimed that she had given a kidney to the parent of a student five days earlier. In addition, the divorce from Michael was finalized not more than a couple of weeks ago when a judge ruled in her favor following a bitter custody struggle. They had been married for a number of years.

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