Regina Barall Obituary, Regina Barall Has Died - Death Cause

Regina Barall Obituary, Regina Barall Has Died – Death Cause

Regina Barall Obituary, Death – The sad news of Regina “Reggie” Barall’s dying has been shared with a heavy heart because of the profound void that her passing will leave in many people’s lives. As a direct consequence of this, our hearts are in pain. The devastating impact that the news of her departure has had on each and every one of us cannot be overstated.
At the East Hartford Community Cultural Center, Reggie and her husband Herb established the organization that would later be known as the Circle of Life: Arts for All in the year 2002. At Circle of Life, they put their expertise and passion for dancing to good use by making it the primary focus of their efforts to make the community a better place.

In doing so, they put their knowledge and excitement to good use. By teaching ballroom dance to students in middle school and high school in the towns of East Hartford, New Britain, Simsbury, and Glastonbury, Herb and Reggie inculcated in these young people the values of self-control, dedication, and respect, as well as the importance of cooperating with others in a group setting. Senior adults from all around the state of Connecticut as well as the neighboring state of Massachusetts had the opportunity to learn about and practice the art of dancing at Reggie’s monthly dances, which were hosted at the EHCCC.

Reggie’s dances were held every week. On each and every one of these dances that took place on Friday evenings, Reggie served as the event’s host in some manner. In 2019, the year in which the award was bestowed, the dance studio at the EHCCC was given the names Reggie and Herb in recognition of Reggie and Herb’s services to the dance community. This honor was bestowed in recognition of the fact that 2019 was the year in which the acclaim was bestowed.

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