Ray Wilkie Obituary

Ray Wilkie Obituary Brisbane Weatherman, Ray Wilkie Has Died – Death Cause

Ray Wilkie Obituary, Death – Ray Wilkie has died. Tony Auden, who likely regarded Ray’s switch to television as inspiration for his own move (to Seven in 2014), was able to make the transition to television direct because of Ray’s success in the television medium for so many years. This opened the way for another BoM to television direct convert. Thank you, Ray, for shedding some light on the highs and sometimes lows of the weather in Queensland; this is something that people who live in this state should never, ever take for granted.

A magnificent innings not only on television (January 28 1985-1999 (love to know the exact date) doing TVQ’s weather, alongside some national work in the early 1990’s), but also a lengthy career at the Bureau of Meteorology preceding his switch to television, most notably, as the Bureau’s regional director in Darwin: at the time of Cyclone Tracy striking the city in 1974. A magnificent innings not only on television, but also a lengthy career at the Bureau of Meteorology. We have just received word through the grapevine (more specifically, from Spencer Howson on Twitter).

Ray Wilkie has departed from our group. Ray, who was 98 years old, passed away on Thursday night. I would not be surprised if many Brisbanites still have their copy of Ray’s book “Ray Wilkie’s Australian Weather” (which was produced at the time of World Expo 88 and was successful enough to have a second print run a year later) somewhere at home (which includes a fantastic account of Ray’s experience during Cyclone Tracy).

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