Peter Street Obituary, Peter Street Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Peter Street Obituary, Death – We are heartbroken to inform you of the passing of Peter Street, a BCC Life Member who was also a club legend. He went away not too long ago, and we will miss him dearly. It was reported yesterday that he had passed away, and we are sorry to be the ones to break the news to you about this tragic turn of events. The extraordinary contributions that Peter had made to our club over the course of more than 20 seasons earned him the honor of Life Membership in 1987, which we bestowed upon him as a way of expressing our thanks for his devotion to the organization and as a way to commemorate the accomplishments that he had accomplished for the club.

Peter was an amazing athlete who could play in any position, and even to this day, he still holds several of the club records. Even more impressive is the fact that he still retains some of the records. A few of the many career highlights that he has accomplished over the course of his long and fruitful career include the collection of five hundreds, reaching 200 runs for the second wicket in 1983 with Terry Hargraves, capturing three separate hauls of seven wickets, and taking a match-high 15 wickets in 1975.

His career has been long and successful. In addition, during the course of 1975, he collected three separate hauls of seven wickets each. During this difficult time, the wife of the couple, Lynne, along with their children and other members of their family are in our thoughts and prayers. We are also keeping the rest of their family in our thoughts and prayers.

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