Paul Nelson Obituary, Owner Of Waldameer Park & Water World Passed Away - Death Cause

Paul Nelson Obituary, Owner Of Waldameer Park & Water World Passed Away – Death Cause

Paul Nelson Obituary, Death – On Sunday, Paul Nelson, the owner of Waldameer Park & Water World, which was a once dormant collection of antiquated rides that he transformed into a regional icon and recreational powerhouse just yards away from the natural playlands of Presque Isle State Park and Lake Erie, passed away. He was responsible for bringing fun and thrills to generations of Erie residents and tourists as the proprietor of Waldameer Park & Water World.

He was 89. It was confirmed by Nelson’s family that he passed away at approximately 6:15 in the morning at UPMC Hamot. Until the very end, Paul Nelson ran Waldameer like a huge kid — maybe Erie’s largest kid.Waldameer Park & Water World became one of the most popular tourist destinations in northwestern Pennsylvania because to the efforts of Paul Nelson, who passed away on Sunday at the age of 89.

In the month of August in 2022, he is observed at the park. Even when he approached the age of 90, he continued to explore Waldameer on a regular basis, either walking around the grounds while talking on a walkie-talkie or driving around in a golf cart. In a feature published in May 2021 by the Erie Times-News, he was described as having a perpetual grin and chuckle, despite the fact that he was constantly on the move.

He was a larger-than-life character who was eternally dedicated to his sphere of joy. He was like a combination of Willy Wonka and Peter Pan. On the other hand, Nelson was a towering figure. His work at Waldameer garnered him national notoriety among amusement park trade associations and enthusiasts of thrill rides, and he was one of the most well-known business owners in the area. Nelson considered it an obligation to serve the community of Erie by devoting his life to the park that he cherished so much.

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