Patty Allen Obituary, Funeral And Visitation - Death Cause

Patty Allen Obituary, Funeral And Visitation – Death Cause

Patty Allen Obituary, Death – It is not unheard of for folks you work with to eventually become people you consider to be members of your family after a period of time has passed. The lovely Miss Patty Allen is in a class all by herself; there is no one else who even comes close to matching her. A calm tone of voice, yet with the most infectious chuckle you’ve ever heard anyone else make. She felt the things I told her about my children were hilarious on an infinite scale, and she would frequently exclaim.

What a piss!” in response to the things I told her about my children. On April 27th, we said our farewells and wished you well as you went on to the next phase of your life as you retired. We hope that you enjoy this new chapter in your life. We hope that you make the most of the additional flexibility that retirement affords you. When I found out that you passed away in such an unexpected manner and without any prior notice, I was utterly grieved.

We are keeping you in my thoughts and praying that all is well with you, that you are at rest, and that everything is going swimmingly for you. You will be reunited with your husband, and it is my honest prayer that while you are celebrating this joyous occasion, you will look up into the sky and see Elvis dancing. I am aware of the fact that you had him ranked as the first option on your list. It is hard for language alone to adequately convey the degree of suffering that all of us are experiencing at this moment. I want you to know that I am thinking about you and your loved ones, Miss Patty, and that I am sending you a lot of wonderful energy.

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