Patrick Torrey Obituary, Patrick Torrey Has Passed Away - Death Cause

Patrick Torrey Obituary, Patrick Torrey Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Patrick Torrey Obituary, Death – The news that Patrick Torrey, a senior at St. Ambrose University and an exceptional basketball player, had fallen away in a sad accident in November of the previous year came as a total and utter surprise to everyone. His departure was brought about in a manner that was in every way unexpected. Everyone was left completely and utterly bewildered after hearing the news of his passing because it stunned and astounded them all.

On May 20, 2018, the members of the St. Ambrose community gathered together on the day of his funeral to share their condolences with one another over his loss, to remember him, and to celebrate his life. The 20th of May in 2018 was the day he passed away. Following Patrick’s passing, the institution of higher learning he had attended bestowed upon him the Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degree that he had previously earned from that institution as a way of paying tribute to him. Following Patrick’s departure, a posthumous accolade was bestowed upon him in the form of the degree.

Christy Torrey, Patrick’s sister, and Dr. Katie Trujillo, Patrick’s academic advisor, accepted the degree on his behalf. Christy Torrey also attended the graduation ceremony. Christy Torrey was another person that was present for the commencement ceremony. Another person who attended the commencement event was Christy Torrey. She was one of the graduates. Christy Torrey was another one of the people that came to watch the commencement ceremony. She was a graduate and one of the students. Christy Torrey was another person who came to see the commencement ceremony when it was held. She had completed the program and was currently enrolled as a student. At the occasion, they were successful in accomplishing their goal of portraying Patrick in a way that was truthful and authentic because they collaborated with one another.

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