Patrick Downey Obituary, Patrick Downey Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Patrick Downey Obituary, Death – On February 25, 2010, my father, Patrick Downey, who was one of the greatest examples of a human being one could expect to find, passed away. He was one of the finest examples of a human being one could hope to discover. Sadly, he lost away as a result of a brain aneurysm; nevertheless, there is a significant amount more to the story that the vast majority of people are ignorant of.

He left home to study and become a nurse, eventually working in Holywell hospital for almost 30 years with an unblemished record helping each and every patient in his care with dignity and respect. My father worked as a nurse in the field of mental health. Because someone close to him struggled with mental health, and he wanted to understand why, he decided to become a mental health professional so that he could understand the condition and help others.

There has been something that I have needed to fight for my father ever since the day that he passed away, and for me personally, that war has been ongoing ever since that day. I have faith that one day I will be successful. Even though he was teased because he was a nurse, he treated each and every patient in his care with dignity and respect, even though his family and friends went into trades or went into the building industry, etc.

In the end, despite the fact that my father yearned for a fresh challenge, he decided to pursue a career as a nurse in the penal system. Because he wanted to be able to help those who were in need but who other people could claim did not merit any support at all, he decided to work as a nurse rather than as a jail officer.

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