Nickolas Keaton Obituary, Learn More About Nickolas Keaton Death

Nickolas Keaton Obituary, Death Cause – Nickolas Keaton, who was 43 years old and had recently battled an illness, passed away peacefully on May 17 at the hospital that is linked with the University of Louisville. His formative years were spent in the city of Winchester, where he received his secondary education at George Rogers Clark High School, where he excelled in both football and baseball, and where he also attended. Over the course of the previous few years, he has showed exceptional achievement in the business field, most notably in his capacity as Vice President of Sales at DealerTrade Network in Louisville.

Throughout his entire life, the people who brought him the most joy were his three children: his daughter Lucy, whom he adored, his son Jonathan, and his daughter Jonathan’s son Jaden. He is survived by his sister Morgan Berry, his mother Tracy Berry, and his stepfather Philip Berry. In addition, he is survived by his aunts and uncles Joey and Laura Phillips, Pam and Mark Hatton, Jessie and Eddie Ritchie, and Debbie Phillips. His sister Morgan Berry, his mother Tracy Berry, and his stepfather Philip Berry predeceased him. Debbie Phillips, who was his stepmother, is also one of the people he leaves behind.

Some of his relatives on his mother’s side of the family include Sawyier Melton (Steven), Hagan Phillips, Robert Hatton (Keegan), Jessica Smith (James), Charlie Beauerle (Eric), and Taylor Ritchie. Elliott Deese is yet another member of his extended family. His mother, Jeanette Keaton, his father, Dennis Keaton, all three of his sisters, Kendall Keefe, Chaney Riddell, and Ramsey Brown, and his grandmother, Jeanette Keaton, are among the members of his family who are still with us today.

Before he was born, all of his ancestors, including his great-grandparents Charles Phillips and Wanda Keaton as well as his grandfather Jerry Keaton, had already passed away. The people who will be carrying the casket during this service are going to be Alex Aponte, Paul Jackson, Mike Perryman, Robert Hatton, Hagan Phillips, and James Smith.

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