Nick Gaspar Obituary Franklin MA, Nick Gaspar Has Passed Away - Death Cause

Nick Gaspar Obituary Franklin MA, Nick Gaspar Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Nick Gaspar Obituary, Death – The name Nicholas “Nick” On June 15, 1950, in St. Edward, Nebraska, John Gasper, the son of Louis and Frieda (Werner) Gasper, was born. It’s safe to say that the community of St. Edward and the world haven’t been exactly the same since then. John Gasper is the son of Louis Gasper and Frieda (Werner) Gasper. Nick was a large man who also possessed a large heart. Nick was a force larger than life, especially for the small guy, whether it was a bar fight or a legal battle.

Nick was a force larger than life. He possessed that irresistible combination of great brawn and wits, making him an extremely formidable opponent. Nick is capable of opening a locked (Barb’s mistake, she lost the key), hard back Samsonite bag with his bare hands while at the same time ripping apart your thoroughly studied and socially responsible argument on atomic energy. Nick has always credited his passion of studying to Mrs. Jim Lightner, his sixth grade teacher.

Mrs. Lightner noticed Nick’s limitless curiosity and great math ability, and she encouraged both of these traits. After receiving his diploma from St. Edward High School in 1968, Nick went on to complete his studies at the technical college in Milford, Nebraska. After that, Nick found work as a crew foreman with Christianson Construction, which specialized in the construction of grain distribution networks across the state of Nebraska and eastern Colorado.

Nick used to relate the tale of how he would be working on elevator legs one hundred feet in the air, and when it was time to get down, rather than taking the safety ladders or lift, he would slide down those elevator legs like a kid on a stairway banister giggling the whole way down. Nick would do this whenever it came time to get down. Nick had no phobias—well, maybe one—and that was of mice.

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