Neville Weeks Obituary, Neville Weeks Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Neville Weeks Obituary, Death – After hearing the news that Neville Weeks had passed away unexpectedly at the end of the previous month, everyone at Arts Care Gofal Celf felt an overwhelming sense of loss. Neville was a superb member of our volunteer team and an enormous benefactor to the Arts Community Growth Coalition (ACGC) and the arts community in general. Despite the fact that he was facing health issues, he was full of fun.

He had plenty of stories from his motorbike adventures and music engagements, and he liked to dance with our ACGC dance program. He would freestyle in a way that only Nev could.
Many people will remember him for his support of our Creative Communities initiative in Llangadog and Llandovery. He was responsible for creating the venues where artists could facilitate their work and provided support and creative input throughout the process. He was also very skilled himself. We shall miss having him around.

Neville took part in one of our initiatives a number of years ago called “Wired,” which was a collaboration between Oriel Myrddin Gallery, WWAMH, and Engage Cymru. He produced an original piece of work, which was subsequently awarded to the winner of the Age Cymru awards. This is only one of the many magnificent works of art that he has done. The following is what Neville had to say about it: “My life took a significant turn for the worse after I was involved in a serious car accident in 1984, which resulted in multiple injuries to both my body and my head.


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