Nancy Cunningham Obituary, Friendswood TX Has Passed Away - Death Cause

Nancy Cunningham Obituary, Friendswood TX Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Nancy Cunningham Obituary, Death – At the age of seventy-five, Nancy Lee Cunningham passed away on May 12, 2023 in the city of Friendswood, Texas. She had previously called the cities of Bronston, Kentucky and Jeffersonville, Indiana home before making the move to Friendswood in 1983. Nancy was born in Bronston, Kentucky, on October 13th, 1947. This took place in the year 1947. Shortly after completing her senior year of high school, she uprooted her life and went to Jeffersonville.

She was able to run a thriving cake baking, decorating, and delivery business despite the fact that she was also responsible for taking care of her two children. She baked the cakes herself and did all of the decorating herself. She first worked for Kroger in Friendswood, Texas, which eventually led to her finding a job at Rockwell in Clear Lake. After that, she moved on to work for (USA) United Space Alliance in Clear Lake. All of these jobs are located in Clear Lake. Because of the hard nature of her career, she had the opportunity to travel the world and engage in conversation with some of the most intelligent people that exist.

It should not have come as a surprise that Nancy was able to form the kind of friendships that would last a lifetime because of her attitude and the way that she interacted with other people. Since she took early retirement in 2011, her grandkids have taken precedence in her life, and she values the opportunities she has had to spend time with them partaking in a variety of activities since she considers it a privilege. Her interests outside of her professional life were interior design, shopping, cooking.

The collection of one-of-a-kind dish sets, and the care and maintenance of her prize flowers. Additionally, she adored going shopping. Calvary Church in Friendswood, Texas counted it a great blessing to have Nancy as a member of the congregation there. She is reunited with her family, which consists of her sister Betty Sue Keith and her brother Jeffrey Keith in addition to her parents, Otis and Evelyn Keith. In addition to this, she is able to reconcile her marriage to Jerry Cunningham.

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