Motorcycle Accident Omaha Nebraska

Motorcycle Accident Omaha Nebraska, 18 Month Old Boy Died From Suffocation

Motorcycle Accident Omaha Nebraska – Motorcycle Accident Suffocation caused the death of an 18-month-old boy in Omaha, Nebraska. The Sarpy County Sheriff’s Office stated on Tuesday that an 18-month-old boy from La Vista, Nebraska died on Sunday from what looks to be unintentional asphyxia. The boy had become wedged between a bed mattress and frame on the previous day.

At 4:08 on Sunday afternoon, the sheriff’s deputies, together with the police from La Vista and the firefighters and rescue personnel from Papillion, responded to a call at a residence located around 99th and Harrison Streets. According to the report, he was pronounced dead shortly after emergency personnel arrived. According to the press release, an autopsy revealed that the infant had died of suffocation, which was the cause of death. The Sheriff’s Office has opened an investigation into what happened. According to the announcement, preliminary investigations have led investigators to the conclusion that the passing of the infant does not appear to have been either intentional or suspicious at this time.

According to a press release issued by the Sheriff’s Office, first responders discovered the boy in critical condition after he had been pinned between an electric, automated mattress and the mattress frame. The child’s condition was described as “life-threatening.” The youngster was taken to CHI Health Midlands Hospital after emergency personnel performed life-saving measures such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on him. According to the Sarpy County Sheriff’s Office, the cause of death of an 18-month-old kid was unintentional suffocation.

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