Mildred Darger Obituary, Mildred Darger Has Died - Death Cause

Mildred Darger Obituary, Mildred Darger Has Died – Death Cause

Mildred Darger Obituary, Death – On May 17, 2023, our beloved mother, Mildred Sophia Kunz Darger, departed this world to be with the man who had been the love of her life and to spend eternity with him. Her parents, Morris Q. Kunz and Rachel Alveda Jessop Kunz, welcomed her into the world on November 2nd, 1940 in Salt Lake City, Utah. She was the third and final child to survive out of her mother’s family of five children. On November 8th, 1958, she tied the knot with Marvin Lee Darger. They had a total of 16 children, all of whom were the sources of her delight.

Mom had a personal witness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and she lived her life in accordance with that testimony. When Judy Barlow joined the family in August 1963, she brought with her the blessings of the Celestial Law of Marriage as well as 13 more children and a large number of grandchildren for her to cherish. The mother treated each of their children by their other husband as though they were her own.

She was regarded a mother figure to a very large number of children in the neighborhood. She always made room in her heart for those who were struggling financially or emotionally and could use some support and encouragement. She never lacked anything to give away! Her capacity for love was unequaled by any other! Despite the many challenges and difficult circumstances that Mom faced throughout her life, she maintained a cheerful and optimistic attitude throughout it all. Her best mood was achieved when she was surrounded by her loved ones.

Mom possessed a wide range of skills. She was a phenomenal seamstress, and she sewed because it was one of her greatest passions. She sewed for a living during the day, so it wasn’t uncommon for her to be spotted at her sewing machine in the small hours of the night. She was a culinary magician; every dish that she prepared was a triumph in terms of flavor. Inquire with the other residents about her bread.

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