Michael DePompa Obituary, Michael DePompa Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Michael DePompa Obituary, Death – This is one of those things that cannot be described in sufficient detail using words since there are no words available that are adequate enough to do it. As a result, it is one of those things that cannot be articulated fully. When everyone heard out about Michael’s departure the day before yesterday, they were taken aback and absolutely taken aback by the information. On the day when he turned 41 years old, he found himself going through the same event for a second time.

We will never forget him because to the exceptional intellect, wit, and work ethic that he possessed, as well as his humorous and fun-loving attitude and enormous heart. These attributes will ensure that we do not forget him. Because he possessed each of these characteristics, he will be imprinted in our memories for the rest of our lives. When something like this takes place, the world as we know it loses any ability to make decisions that are reasonable or sensible.

Please say a prayer for Michael’s sister Lily, his wife Katrina and their children, his parents Paul and Pam, his sisters Paula and Lindsey, and his brother Hunter. Additionally, please say a prayer for all of us who knew and loved Michael and who are hurting from his loss because of it. Simply figuring out how to get around in this setting feels like it should qualify as its own little adventure in and of itself. An age that can’t be accepted under any circumstances…

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