VMatt Brazil Obituary, Matt Brazil Has Passed Away - Death Cause

Matt Brazil Obituary, Matt Brazil Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Matt Brazil Obituary, Death – Matthew Mohlke is a member of the God’s family. On April 14, 2023, he was transported to His Heavenly Father’s Kingdom to be with him there forever. On May 30th, 1974, Matt was brought into this world. Oronoco, Minnesota is where he spent his childhood. He had a passion for many sorts of activities, tournaments, and sports, but baseball was his absolute favorite. In the latter part of his life, he made it a point to check out all 30 of the Major League Baseball parks.

Additionally, he had a deep appreciation for the great outdoors, particularly fishing with both of his grandfathers. His spirit never lost its sense of wonder. Everyone who has crossed paths with Matt fell in love with him because of his humble nature and kind heart. He possessed a spirit that was both playful and adventurous. Shortly after receiving his bachelor’s degree in Suma cum Lauda from Winona State University, at the age of 23, he paddled the whole length of the Mississippi River by himself in a Wenonah Canoe.

He wrote a book about the experience, and it was this book that drew the attention of the world record holder in swimming, Martin Strel.  After becoming his river navigator, Matt went on to join Strel’s company in his kayak on a number of river expeditions, some of which included paddling the length of the Amazon River, the Mississippi River, and the Parana River. Because Matt had a talent for writing as well as a desire for adventure, he went on to write another book that was based on this journey. Matt’s gift and passion were not only for adventure, but also for writing.

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