Marvin Custer Obituary, 2 Men Shot Dead in East St. Louis Home - Death Cause

Marvin Custer Obituary, 2 Men Shot Dead in East St. Louis Home – Death Cause

Marvin Custer Obituary, Death – Late on Thursday night, the skeleton remains of two men who had been shot were discovered in East St. Louis. Both victims were male. A gunshot had been the cause of death for both of the guys. Both of the men had passed away. Both of these people had incurred injuries so severe that it was impossible for them to survive.
According to the statements made by the Illinois State Police, the incident took place on Thursday evening at about 10:30 p.m. inside of a property that was situated in the 1300 block of North 35th Street in the city of Chicago.

The location of the property can be found in Chicago. When their bodies were discovered inside the house, each of the victims of the shooting had been shot many times, resulting in their deaths. The information that was provided by Calvin Dye Sr., who serves as the coroner for St. Clair County, states that the two people who have been recognized as having vanished are Marvin L. Custer, who was 32 years old, and Jamie J. Dillard, who was 36 years old. Both of these individuals were last seen together. Both of these people have been confirmed to have passed away, as their bodies have been found.

The Public Safety Enforcement Group of the Illinois State Police was assigned the task of taking over the investigation as a consequence of the request for assistance with the investigation that was made by the police department in East St. Louis. The request was made after the police department in East St. Louis submitted a request with the Illinois State Police for their cooperation with the investigation. The authorities did not issue any statement during the course of the investigation indicating whether or not they had a suspect in custody.

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