Marlene O’Brien Obituary, Marlene O’Brien Has Passed Away

Marlene O’Brien Obituary, Death – Sad news today. The death of Marlene O’Brien occurred not too long ago, just a few hours ago at this point in time. Kerry, her daughter, has been in touch with her as of late and has shared her most recent communication with her. Marlene O’Brien was the widow of Harry O’Brien, who had been a member of Les Knight’s crew and had served as the rear gunner. Harry O’Brien died in the crash that killed Les Knight and his crew.

Lesley was named in honor of Les Knight. The christening gown was worn by family members from generation to generation. Lesley was selected as the name of the newborn in order to pay homage to Les Knight. There are not many women alive today who can say that they were married to a genuine Dambuster who served in World War II. You might be able to boast about it if you are one of the few people who got lucky. When I went to check on the group first thing this morning, there were less persons present compared to when I did so yesterday.

Harry O’Brien passed away while serving his country in the armed forces. During the accident, in which Les Knight placed his life in danger to rescue everyone else so that everyone else would have a chance to survive, the other party took him prisoner. Les Knight put his life in danger to save everyone else so that everyone else would have a chance to survive. The couple’s first child, a daughter, was given the name Lesley in honor of Les Knight, and she was baptised while wearing the baptism gown that Les Knight’s mother had stitched for him when he was a baby.


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