Mark Tawa Obituary,

Mark Tawa Obituary, Man Dies In Acton Massachusetts Accident

Mark Tawa Obituary, Death – Mark Tawa has unfortunately departed away. Our deepest condolences are extended to you at this time. The incident took place on Concord Road at 11:45 a.m. on Monday, according to the police, and it was located close to the intersection where Alcott Street and the Woodlawn Cemetery meet. The pedestrian who was struck by the vehicle initially received medical attention at the site, and she was subsequently brought to a nearby hospital, where she was treated for her injuries. Despite receiving treatment for her injuries at the hospital, the pedestrian ultimately succumbed to her injuries and died there.

The authorities have not been successful up to this moment in ascertaining the identification of the victim in the incident. following hitting the person, a car of an unknown color fled the scene and proceeded in an unknown way following it, according to the findings of the authorities from the Cton Police Department, who were able to determine this information. Acton’s Interim Police Chief James Cogan stated in a statement that “although the van initially fled the scene, it was later located when the alleged driver contacted Acton police.

” The statement was made in reference to the fact that the vehicle was found after the alleged driver phoned Acton police. This statement was issued in reference to a claim that the van was seen driving away from the location. “Despite the fact that the van attempted to flee the scene in the beginning,” The identity of the driver who was engaged in the collision, which is currently being investigated by the authorities, is not currently known to the public at this time.


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