Mark Smith Obituary, Mark Smith Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Mark Smith Obituary, Death – Assalaamu Alaikum Sincerely, the Community. We would like to take this opportunity to express our deepest condolences to you all on the loss of Brother Mark “Issa” David Smith. His wife Khadija, his siblings Craig, Scott, and Lisa, and his children Tazkiya, Tauhid, and Taslim, as well as his grandchildren Myiesha, Mujahid, Zayna Lyn, Majeed, Layton, Emmeline, and Amira, are among those who are left behind after his passing.

Issa was a notable champion for helping refugees of Bosnia and Kosovo, and he spent many years supporting the interests of Imam Jamil Al Amin, African-Americans, and Native Americans. In addition, he was a prominent supporter for helping refugees of Bosnia and Kosovo. We beseech Allah (SWT) to acknowledge all of his labor and efforts, to have mercy on Br. Issa, to forgive him for his transgressions, and to make his reception a dignified occasion. Amen. May Allah grant him entry into the highest level of Jannat al Firdous and peace to the loved ones he leaves behind. Janazah will be held on Tuesday, May 23rd following Duhur at 1:30 at ADAMS Sterling Burial will be held in Sterling Cemetery in Sterling.

Since 1987, he had been a part of the ADAMS community in a variety of capacities, including that of Sunday School instructor, Amir, and Khateeb. His membership in the ADAMS community dates back to 1987. Through organizations such as the Bosnia Task Force, Americans for Soviet Muslim Rights, and the American Muslim Council, Br. Issa was able to speak for and provide support to Muslims who were in need in various parts of the world. In addition to that, he spent a number of years working as a geospatial analyst in GIS.

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