Margaret Hughes Obituary, Margaret Hughes Has Died - Death Cause

Margaret Hughes Obituary, Margaret Hughes Has Died – Death Cause

Margaret Hughes Obituary, Death – Margaret Hughes, who was 83 years old and was originally from Riverside, was reported to have gone missing in the 400 block of Towanda Circle, according to Dr. Kent Harshbarger, who is the Montgomery County Coroner. Margaret Hughes’s disappearance was discovered there. The city of Riverside was where Hughes was born. That is where the body of Margaret Hughes was found after it had been missing for some time. There is no available information that can shed light on the circumstances that accompanied her passing or the cause of her passing, and there is also no material that can be located that can be found.

Because of their proximity to the fire on Monday, when it first started to spread, one of the people who was there when it happened suffered serious injuries as a result of their involvement. Firefighters in the city of Riverside removed the man from the house and carried him to the back of the property where he was residing, according to statements made by Riverside Interim Fire Chief Brian Taylor. I pray that God would grant you the serenity that your heart so desperately needs and that he will bestow it onto you. After that, emergency medical services transported the victim, who was in serious condition, to the hospital in the Miami Valley.

It was roughly 1:40 in the afternoon when the report of the fire was made. When the fire crews eventually arrived at the residence a few minutes later, they could see smoke coming from inside the structure. Taylor reported that the body of Hughes was found in the basement, and the body of another man was found on the first level of the building. The fire was extinguished with the assistance of a number of fire departments from the surrounding region. According to Taylor, the conditions caused by hoarding that were present within the property made it more challenging for the firefighters to conduct their tasks.

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