Makuach Yak Missing Delray Beach Florida, Police Searching for Makuach Yak

Makuach Yak Missing Delray Beach Florida, Police Searching for Makuach Yak

Makuach Yak Missing – The local police department in Delray Beach, Florida, is continuing their search for a man in his 30s who was last seen leaving his home on Saturday and has not been seen or heard from since. The man was seen going out of his home in Delray Beach for the last time. Makuach Yak trains young kids from all across South Florida how to play basketball, and the students that he instructs come from a wide variety of South Florida neighborhoods.

He was scheduled to take part in a basketball competition that was held over the course of the weekend, but he did not show up to any of the games at any point during the competition. Tate VanRoekel, a close friend of mine, once made the remark that “pretty much every negative possibility that can occur in my head does occur and has occurred.” According to the statement that VanRoekel gave to CBS12 News, he brought his roommate Yak to their apartment in Delray Beach at around midnight.

The statement was provided by VanRoekel. On the other hand, his best friend was nowhere to be seen when he returned a few hours later after being gone for quite some time. After VanRoekel had finished telling me this story, he remarked, “When I went to pick him up at eight in the morning, his phone, wallet, and keys were all still in the same spot along with his Apple watch.” According to the information provided by the Delray Beach Police Department, the last time Yak was reportedly seen was in the neighborhood of his residence located on SW 10th Ave.

Reports from the parents of the team that Yak directs indicate that on Sunday, they went around the neighborhoods close to Atlantic Avenue and handed out fliers with information about the team. His friends say that Yak is from South Sudan, and that when he’s not in South Florida coaching, he’s trying to build basketball courts in East Africa. When he’s not doing either of those things, Yak is in East Africa.

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