Luke Bennett Car Accident, Resident of Bathurst Involved in Crash

Luke Bennett Car Accident, Resident of Bathurst Involved in Crash

Luke Bennett Car Accident – Bennett was pronounced dead at the scene on Runshaw Hall Lane in Euxton despite the speed with which emergency personnel responded to the incident. The two additional youngsters who were present throughout the incident did not have any injuries that were considered to be serious. When we found out on Saturday night, we were left in utter disbelief and in a state of mourning.

During this difficult and trying time, we want Luke’s family and friends to know that we are thinking about them and sending our love and support their way. Luke was a decent kid despite his circumstances, and as a result, everyone liked him. His adoration came from both his coaches and his players. Because of his positive attitude, he was the kind of person who could quickly lift the mood in any given environment.

On Saturday, Luke Bennett, a youth player for AFC Fylde who was 17 years old, passed away as a result of a strange accident that took place in Euxton, Lancashire. In spite of the fact that the investigation by the police is still in its preliminary stages, the Lancashire Constabulary published a statement indicating that Bennett “may have touched an overhead electrical wire with a metal pole.”

When he was playing football for AFC Fylde, he was a naturally gifted athlete who made the most of every opportunity to showcase his greatness. He did this each and every time he was given the chance. According to what was stated in the statement, “our football club, supporters.

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