Lucas Palma Missing Blue Point Long Island NY, Help Find Missing Lucas Palma

Lucas Palma Missing Blue Point Long Island NY, Help Find Missing Lucas Palma

Lucas Palma Missing – We can’t function without your assistance. My son, Lucas Palma, who was 23 years old, has been reported missing. On May 20 at 1.30 in the morning, we last heard from him. There is evidence that points to him being picked up by a car on Davis Avenue in Blue Point at approximately 1:40 in the morning. We are asking for video of the car on the Madison Avenue, Atlantic Avenue, Davis Avenue, and Blue Point areas. The video that we have doesn’t have very good clarity.

The vehicle might be described as a light (silver?) late-model sedan with four doors. On Ring, you should now see a notification that we have posted. Please get in touch with me if you have any information. Luke is never absent from his house. This goes against all he stands for; he loves his life and he loves those around him. He has a horseshoe scar on his cheek, dusty blonde hair, and no tattoos. He is 5 feet 7 inches tall and 150 pounds. I’ll tag as many of my Long Island pals as I can, Rita, and I’ll send this out to all of our mutual acquaintances.

Years ago, I made my home on Long Island, not too far from the area where your kid was reported to have been last seen. I’ll be praying for his safe return. Was he out with his mates later that night or early the next morning? Were there any pubs or nightclubs in the area that they frequented? It’s possible that the guy recognized him from a club or pub he went to earlier that evening.

What had he been doing in the minutes running up to that time, and who was he with right before he disappeared? Perhaps someone else who was with him that night can provide a description of this car. Has it ever been reported that he got into a car with an unknown person? Is it possible that he could have known this person? Is there a guarantee that it was actually him who got into the car?

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