Linda Leedom Obituary Horn Lake Mississippi, Linda Leedom Has Died - Death Cause

Linda Leedom Obituary Horn Lake Mississippi, Linda Leedom Has Died – Death Cause

Linda Leedom Obituary, Death – Everyone in the relatively tiny community was familiar with the 47-year-old resident. “Everybody that knew Ms. Young thought she was a good person,” said William Bayne, a former reporter for The Commercial Appeal. “Everyone was quite upset about the fact that she had passed away. A kind neighbor who has completely disappeared.”

Unconscious, Young was discovered wedged between the foot of her bed and the wall in the room. She had burns of the first and second degree on her chest and stomach when firefighters hauled her out of the building, but she died at the scene of the incident from smoke inhalation. After getting married to her high school boyfriend, Young became good friends with her next-door neighbor Linda Leedom, who also had two children of the same age as Young’s children. Linda Leedom moved in next door in 1978.

“Linda and Lula was two people, but if you seen one of them, you seen both of them,” recalled Welch. Young’s son concurred that his mother and her best friend were inseparable, particularly when Young got a divorce from the man she had been married to for 15 years. Mike Young revealed that his mother often discussed private matters with their friend Linda. After getting divorced, Young started working as a Licensed Practical Nurse

(LPN), then she volunteered as a bookkeeper for the Horn Lake Fire Department, and she eventually got her license to work as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). After that, however, she received the news that she had breast cancer in the late 1980s. During Young’s chemotherapy treatments, Leedom provided support by working around the house and providing assistance with shopping for groceries.

According to Bayne, “nobody had looked after her the way her friend Linda Leedom had,” and she was very specific about this. Young and her family finally got the news that she was cancer-free after a long and arduous six years. But a few while later, she passed away in the comfort of her own home.

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