Linda Church Obituary, Linda Church Has Passed Away

Linda Church Obituary, Linda Church Has Passed Away

Linda Church Obituary, Death Cause – Linda Mary Church, who had been born on the 17th day of October 1944 in Bristol, England, as the offspring of the union between Michael Magyar and Elsie Gatesford, passed away on the 16th of May, 2023, with her family by her side. Linda Mary Church had been the daughter of Michael Magyar and Elsie Gatesford.

In the year 1963, on the 21st of June, Linda tied the knot with John Church, the young man who had been the object of her affection throughout high school. Photography was one of Linda’s many hobbies that she followed with fervor throughout her life. Linda had a wide variety of interests. She had a strong interest in photography and was able to describe in great depth the sequence of events that took place at a certain location and time during the taking of a particular image. She contributed her photography skills to the reenactment news journal known as Smoke and Fire in the capacity of a freelance photographer.

When Linda’s sons were younger, she and her husband loved going on many adventures together, and when the boys were older, Linda enjoyed going on adventures with John on her own. When the children were little, Linda and her husband enjoyed going on many adventures together.

Their enthusiasm for reenacting served as the source of creativity for a good number of their thrilling adventures. You could see that Linda got a lot of pleasure out of these holidays because she talked a lot about all the different locations they went and the things they did while they were there. However, the fuzzy and purring bunch that she had at home also made her happy, and she always looked forward to getting home so that she could spend time with her kittens. She had three of them.


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