Lavon Mathews Obituary, Man Killed In A Motorcycle Accident - Death Cause

Lavon Mathews Obituary, Man Killed In A Motorcycle Accident – Death Cause

Lavon Mathews Obituary, Death – After what had been a difficult day and a tough few weeks in terms of my health, I eventually settled down to check postings and messages on Facebook, and I was taken aback to find that Lavon Mathews had been killed in a motorcycle accident. I was utterly stunned to learn this information.

It would appear that her partner will continue to live.They paid one another their undivided attention while they conversed. To tell you the truth, Lavon and I did not always agree on many things, one of which being religion, and there were times when we probably came very close to getting upset with one another. One of the areas on which we did not always agree was politics. Nevertheless, despite the fact that we had our arguments, I knew that she was a truly nice and compassionate person, and as a result, we got along despite the fact that we had our differences.

She was very helpful to a great number of people, and she made it a point to always look for opportunities to lift the spirits of those around her. Within the groups that help those who have been hurt by prescription drugs, she was revered as a legend.
She was one of those people that you imagined would be there forever, always trustworthy, and as solid as a rock; yet, this was not the case with her. She turned out to be someone else entirely.

I am in a state of disbelief, and the news has completely crushed my heart. As things have worked out, I must admit that I did hold her in the highest regard. Thankfully, she was aware of how I felt about her and our relationship.There are quite a few individuals grieving on this side of the sea, and I would want to send my condolences to her immediate family as well as all of her close friends.

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