Landon Gibson Obituary, Landon Gibson Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Landon Gibson Obituary, Death – According to the Ohio University Police Department, on May 21, a young person, age 15, unfortunately passed away on the campus of Ohio University as a consequence of an incident that may have involved a fall. The cause of death has not been determined. The university police said that just after 10 a.m., they arrived at the lower-level patio outside of the Baker Centre and found 15-year-old Landon Gibson unconscious with obvious head injuries, which may have been the result of a fall.

Anyone who has done so is urged to get in touch with him, as per his request. On its Facebook page, the Ohio University Police Department has published a message that says as follows: “Our thoughts are with all of those impacted by Landon’s tragic and untimely death.” There is no fresh information that has been brought to the knowledge of the general public. If you check the WSAZ app, you can rest assured that you will always have access to the most recent information that is currently available to you.

The university police also stated that they found Gibson with head injuries. The institution has expressed their belief that the incident was caused by a fight between the two people involved. Gibson was taken to the hospital after he was injured, but he did not make a full recovery from his injuries and ended up passing away while he was still a patient there. Det. Rick Sargent of the University of Oklahoma Police Department wants to talk to anyone who spoke with Landon in the hours leading up to the sad event. He is specifically interested in hearing from people who were in the area.


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