LA Habra High School Lockdown

LA Habra High School Lockdown, Police Investigates Student With Firearm

LA Habra High School Lockdown – Lockdown at LA Habra High School as Police Investigate Student Reported to Have a Firearm There were claims that a kid at La Habra High School was seen with a gun about 8:36 in the morning, therefore the school went into a temporary lockdown to ensure the safety of its students. Tuesday afternoon at La Habra High School, after a freshman student was found to have brought a gun onto campus, the school went into lockdown mode.

“I grabbed him by his legs and I pulled him down,” Dominic Carrillo, a senior at La Habra High School, claimed. “I just kind of tried to hold him down,” she said. Approximately three of my other buddies jumped on top of him in an effort to keep him from falling over. And by that time he had kind of turned around, and he says, ‘Grab his rifle.'” The officer took the student, who was only 14, into custody.

Investigators stated that the firearm was not loaded and that it was a miniature model. The teenager allegedly brought the handgun to school for “show and tell” and then tried to sell the weapon, according to the police.  A number of the teenager’s classmates have reported that they intervened, with one of them putting the student in a chokehold while a number of others tackled him and grabbed the gun away from him. A school resource officer was already present, and additional officers arrived at the school very soon after they were called. Following the completion of the examination, it was found to be a plaything of some kind. The lockdown has been removed because there have been no new threats made against the personnel or the pupils. After bringing a gun onto the La Habra High School campus, a student was assaulted by his peers.

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