Lavon Mathews Obituary, Man Killed In A Motorcycle Accident - Death Cause

kristie Dow Obituary Canton Ny, Accident Kills Colton School Teaching Assistant – Death Cause

kristie Dow Obituary, Death – kristie Dow has died. An accident claimed the life of a teaching assistant at the Colton School.The atmosphere this morning has weather that most definitely corresponds with it. There are a select few individuals whom I am acquainted with who exude a certain aura that, when they are in the same room as you, cannot help but fill you with a sense of joy.

One of them was known as Kristie Dow. The question “what would Kristie do?” has crossed my mind on more than one occasion while I’ve been working as a Teaching Assistant. I want to have her reputation as well as the way that she instinctually loved and understood everyone of her students. I have always had a great deal of admiration for the bond that Stacie Lee and Kristie share as well as the wonderful, caring family that they come from.

Although I don’t have many memories of the time I spent with Kristie, the ones I do have are some of the greatest of my life…. Cassie Dowdles bachelorette weekend and being a choffeur. dancing until our stockings fell off and attending a couple additional family occasions where we were able to catch up with one other.
I am unable to comprehend the anguish that the family is going through.

I consider myself to be more of a casual acquaintance, but ever since I heard the terrible news, I haven’t been able to stop crying. When I think about the families, friends, teachers, and children at the Colton school as well as the BOCES employees who were fortunate enough to have worked with Kristie, my heart literally breaks into a million pieces.
When something like this happens, it truly helps put everything else into perspective.

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